One Last Final Exam!

Today is the day… I hope I’ll make it, I studied hard for it, but I’m still insecure… when o when am I going to trust in my own abilities? Well, I guess I do trust myself, but exams are so specific to the teacher, that they measure more the being attuned to his idea, than really grasping the material. But, I’m not really sure I grasp the material thoroughly, haha.
It was a lot of introduction material to eight philosophers, whereas I’d rather know more about a few, than a whole bunch of things which you’re supposed to be able to relate to each other…
We’ll see…

Author: Nobyeni

Freelance Philosopher (PhD). Writer. Thinker. Interested in radical change and human being. Playwright. Dutch World citizen. Lover of books, language, art and coffee.

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