The paradox of writing about sustainability

While waiting for a flight out of Schiphol, Amsterdam, surrounded by people with flashy phones and hand luggage, and disposable cups emptied of over-priced coffee, I reread a piece I wrote (in Dutch) on the website for meaningfullness in the Netherlands ( I go against the statement made in the Dutch media, that sustainability is supposed to be the religion of the 21th century.


At least, when religion is taken in a classical way. The ordinary, obvious. What else is there to be done? When I would give my own meaning to all words I utter, can I still call that writing, communication?

Or, as Pessoa wrote so painfully eluding: “I want a rest from, be other than, my habitual pretending.”


Ow, yes, sustainability. I wrote something like this – that the theme of sustainability is so powerful precisely because it is not a new religion, a new idea or a separate movement. It is connected to everyone’s existence. Related. Attached. Whether we want to or not, whether we believe in it or not, whether we make our decisions accordingly or not.


Author: Nobyeni

Freelance Philosopher (PhD). Writer. Thinker. Interested in radical change and human being. Playwright. Dutch World citizen. Lover of books, language, art and coffee.

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