A little life – a little review

I have cried so much while reading this book, that I had to stop reading because my tears would get in the way.

No spoilers.

What a beautiful, rich book, something I simply could not put down – which is why I finished it too fast. But I know this is one of those books I will read again and again, already looking forward to the next time.

Incredible story, and incredible how the author hits the right tone of voice, great layering of writing, the way it is structured is new and fits very well. Not too post-modernist, but very contemporary.

I would really really recommend this book to everyone!

A book set in New York, four friends growing up together, followed through the years, and showing how friendship evolves and grows, the good years, the struggles, the anxiety and the love.

Order here: English version – or read the Dutch translation.


Author: Nobyeni

Freelance Philosopher (PhD). Writer. Thinker. Interested in radical change and human being. Playwright. Dutch World citizen. Lover of books, language, art and coffee.

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