• Truth has never been sexy – let’s focus on the real issues please

    It should be extremely clear to everyone that truth is besides the point. And has been for decades already. 

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  • Do we actually want ‘freedom of speech’? Or: reading Spinoza

    Watching the news, reading social media contributions, I more and more come to the conclusion that it might be time to end our persistent liking of this concept, the ideal of freedom of speech. In a world where opinions create problems, perhaps it is time to stop having opinions altogether. Especially when having an opinion […]

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  • Turkey and the Illusion of Democracy

    Upheaval in Turkey. Government responding to peaceful protest. Tear gas. People died and are still dying. At this moment it is unclear what is actually happening, but at least it is clear that something is going on. What am I to do, far away, in my comfortable home? I can share my thoughts. Not regarding […]

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