About Nobyeni

IMG_3669Nicole, female philosopher, therapistwriter, freelance / academic
Original thinking, necessity of the impossible (PhD)
Being human, language(s), intelligence, existentialism
Ying-yang, being-thought, love-life, bordering-space
English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Français
Now, present, becoming human
I am.

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nicole.nobyeni@ gmail.com
Twitter: @Nobyeni
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Nobyeni – when not knowing makes you upset (source).

About me

I am a female freelance philosopher, art therapist, teacher, post-doc, visiting scholar, epistemologist, human being, and writer. My initial steps into philosophy are autodidactic, culminating in a PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought. I’m interested in art, theater, books, travel and life.

I finished my PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (defense in August 2015). My dissertation on ‘The Necessity of the Impossible’ (forthcoming) was supervised by Anne Dufourmantelle, at the European Graduate School.

My first book will hit the Dutch book stores in spring 2018. “Diagnosis of the Contemporary Philosopher” (in Dutch) will be published by Uitgeverij Damon.

As a philosopher, I write (academic & non-academic, philosophy & human interest). I also have a lot of experience writing reviews of philosophy books and cultural events for several websites. Also, I help people who are facing a personal struggle and want to have existential, meaningful conversations that are not focused at ‘solving’ a problem, but broaden the perspective of how to approach it. Focusing on growth instead of solutions. Through conversations it is possible to find out where our thinking is coming from and what it is based on. By exploring other possible paradigms and philosophical approaches to life, one can find ways to deal with the questions that touch who we are.

I am involved as a (part-time) post-doc researcher with the sustainable behaviour research group to prof. Marie Harder at Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, and as a Research Fellow at Brighton University (UK). In the Autumn of 2016 I was a visiting scholar to the University of Maryland with the Baha’i Chair for World Peace, Prof. Hoda Mahmoudi.

For present writing projects, please click here. I write Dutch posts on filosofischereflectie.com.

More details of my C.V. on Linkedin.

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For more information, please contact me at nicole.nobyeni@ gmail.com


Registered in the Netherlands, KvK 60089091.


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