ACT/Art consultancy [in English]

I offer individual sessions as what in Dutch is called ‘psychosociaal therapeut beeldend’ [literally: psychosocial art therapist]. I base myself on my philosophical background (PhD) combined with ACT – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and the different elements of the artistic process.

Use of Art

Besides philosophy, I use visual art, which includes working with images and other artistic means, and different mindfulness methods. Together this make it possible to get more insight and understanding about what is going on. That I work with art doesn’t mean that you need to have a background in art. You don’t need any experience or have any artistic abilities.

I work with visual language, the steps of the artistic process which follow the steps of human development,


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and works towards psychological flexibility. ACT means we work with what is present, to aim to find a way of dealing with things that happen that ‘works’. It is not possible to control what happens to you, but it is possible to make sure you can deal with whatever comes your way.

Find more information on ACT here in English. (Or here in Dutch.)

Practical aspects of Therapy

Therapy is a highly individual process. During the sessions we focus on your own concerns.
I offer therapy in both English and Dutch.

During the intake, you will be able to experience whether this combination of art therapy and ACT resonates with you, and we can together discuss the therapeutic trajectory.

Sessions take place in Nuenen (10 minute drive from Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

You can contact me directly by sending an email to [email protected]
Prices and general conditions (in Dutch) can be found here.

My educational background

After studying psychology (bachelor) and a master & PhD in contemporary philosophy with specialization in practical ethics (how do we lead ‘a good life’ in contemporary society?), I obtained a degree in art & psycho-social therapy at Vrije Academie ‘t Pad, where I also teach courses in ACT therapy, philosophy and artistic practise (all in Dutch).