Writer / Schrijver

Writing is not something one decides to do one day. It is a state of mind for which a delicate balance is necessary.

As a philosopher, words are my means to life.

I write academic and non-academic texts, from the purely philosophical and applied ethics to articles on human interest. As well as (science) fiction short stories.

book shoot 1I can’t really remember a time I did not write. Stories, poems, satire in school papers, essays, theatre pieces, monologues, papers, editorials, columns, reviews. Some can be read here, but if you are interested in a sample of my writing (in English and/or Dutch), academic essays, columns, translation work (to English and/or Dutch, from English/Dutch/German/French), please do not hesitate to contact me at nicole.nobyeni@ gmail.com


Writing projects

At the moment I’m involved in the following projects:

  • In March 2018, my first book (Dutch) is published by Uitgeverij Damon (Dutch Publishing House based in Eindhoven and focusing on philosophy & theology) called ‘Diagnose van de moderne filosoof – Waarom filosofen gek zijn‘. It’s a diagnosis of the modern philosopher. An earlier manuscript was runner-up for the Dutch Van Helsdingen prize 2016. Still looking for publisher of the English version of this book: Diagnosis of the contemporary philosopher.
  • In autumn 2018, my second book will be published (in English), called ‘The Necessity of the Impossible‘. Details to follow.
  • Finalizing manuscript ‘Panopticon of the Present’ on the impossibility of answering the question of peace (in cooperation with the Baha’i Chair for World Peace, University of Maryland) – manuscript phase, searching for publisher.
  • Working on book with co-author philosopher Gabriel Yoran (in German) – drafting phase.
  • Furthermore several papers are on its way on for instance Non-Epistemic Representation in Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues and the Legitimacy of Civil Participation in the United Nations, and the Theory of Embodiment – editing phase

There are many more projects lined up, waiting for funding and publishers. Please contact me if you are interested in providing the space and time to follow up on these, or if you are interested in working together with me on some or other projects.

Published work (selection)

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