Recensie: Agamben’s Profanaties

De Italiaanse filosoof Giorgio Agamben (1942) is een grote naam in de hedendaagse filosofie. Zijn grootste werk is het project ‘Homo Sacer’ – de sacrale mens, de heilige mens. In dat werk en in veel van zijn denken gaat het veelal om de relatie tussen de mens en de rituelen en heilige objecten waar de mens mee samenleeft. Nu in Nederlandse vertaling verschenen het boek ‘Profanaties’. Een recensie door Nicole des Bouvrie. Continue reading “Recensie: Agamben’s Profanaties”

Het Thuis van de Mens

Soms kom je ergens een artikel tegen dat je jaren geleden schreef en niet onaardig is.

Soms heeft de filosofie al door wat er aan de hand is, vijftig jaar voordat het zichtbaar wordt. Teruggrijpen naar dode schrijvers en denkers is dan helemaal niet raar. Toch vergt het redelijk wat vertaling naar de tegenwoordige tijd.

Wanneer we iemand tegenkomen en willen weten wie die persoon is, vragen we vaak om haar naam, en vervolgens waar zij vandaan komt. Dat is niet zo raar. Die naam is handig om mensen te kunnen onderscheiden, en de plek waar we wonen gaat over ons thuis, over waar we onszelf zijn. Maar wat betekent dat ‘onszelf zijn’ en wat heeft wonen daar mee te maken? Gelukkig heeft Martin Heidegger (Duitsland, 1889 – 1976) dat al voor ons onderzocht.  Continue reading “Het Thuis van de Mens”

The road ahead is long

On why teaching about one’s role in the history of slavery and colonialism is necessary. And only the first step.

We have such a long way to go, still.

And I’m not even talking about overcoming divisions, ending structural racism, loving one’s neighbour.

Simply acknowledging the past is hard enough.

While in #Charlottesville this weekend racial hate, gun-carrying militias and white supremacy was openly allowed, the Dutch parties are still meeting to try and form a government. A leaked document now says they at least agree about something… that a new proposal regarding the way the Dutch role in slavery and the colonial is taught at schools, is NOT necessary. (Instead, they decided to teach about the national anthem, …) (Source: article 16/08/17 on Whereas in the past sixty years, the narrative about the Dutch colonial past has not truly changed, and is still based on the oppressor’s perspective. (See this master thesis on this topic, in Dutch, from 2012.) Continue reading “The road ahead is long”

The Art of Belonging – reflection on the NSU summer school

Is it possible to define the sense of belonging that is more than simply the addition of the parts, that does not erase philosophical loneliness but gives it a place and makes you regard it as a strength?

It has been truly a magnificent gift to be able to spend an intensive week with a group of strangers, talking about venturing into the unknown, into the future of (feminist) philosophy, and who, during the final session, dare to share their feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. In life. But mostly in their philosophical being. A loneliness that is both personal and professional. And I wonder how that shared attitude of fundamental openness creates a space of belonging. Continue reading “The Art of Belonging – reflection on the NSU summer school”

In memoriam: Anne Dufourmantelle

Because she knew the difference…

At first there is nothing at all. A silence that is persuasive, that leads nowhere and that asks you to follow in its footsteps.
At first there is disbelief. A search for truth that extends to nothing but the very fact you want to un-hear. The search that leads only deeper into the woods, into a translation that cannot be undone. Continue reading “In memoriam: Anne Dufourmantelle”

On the Frustration & the Beauty of Repetition

As a child I thought I despised repetition. Little did I know that I actually loved it, and practiced it. Just not at school.

“Skill development depends on repetition…” I am reading a book by the American sociologist Richard Sennett on the position and the role of The Craftsman in society. An interesting book. But that sentence would have made me angry. At least, when I was young.

When I was a child I was convinced I hated repetition. I hated it all through elementary school and all through high school. At least, that is what I thought. But I was made to repeat tasks that were much too simple for me. Now I know, that if they had given me Chinese characters to learn, told me to repeat them hundreds, thousands to times, I would have gladly done so. Continue reading “On the Frustration & the Beauty of Repetition”

Truth has never been sexy – let’s focus on the real issues please

It should be extremely clear to everyone that truth is besides the point. And has been for decades already. 

Truth does not exist. It is not something you can simply point out and say: look at that, that is the truth. Truth is made. Truth exists only in a particular world, in which specific rules and regulations about what is reality matter. Truth is always subjective, as it depends on which world you live in on what kind of rules you will follow, what truth-procedures you follow. And truth is always objective, as within that specific world with its truth-procedures, that truth is the truth, no matter who says it or who thinks it. That is the truth, and nothing but the truth (so help me God). Continue reading “Truth has never been sexy – let’s focus on the real issues please”