Philosophical Conversations

As a philosophical consultant, I gladly converse with people from all walks of life in order to find words and meaning to address the essential questions that touch upon everyone.
These questions could include the following, but are in no way limited to:
– Who am I? How can I get to know myself better?
– Why do I live, what should or could I do with my life?
– How can I change who I am, how can I become a better person?
– What is my desire? How do I find out what I want in life?
– How can I communicate better with other people, while continuing to be myself?
– Why am I not happy?
In these conversation I am not the one to give answers, simply because I am never in the position to answer questions that are essential to one’s own life. Yet by asking the right questions, by entering in conversation, talking together, finding words for the underlying desires and longing that form the basis for the questions and problems one feels, together we can find a way forward that can lead in a new direction.
Philosophical conversations distinguish themselves from psychological therapeutic sessions, in that there is no pre-set goal of reaching a state of functioning ‘normally’, or of being ‘happy’. Instead, philosophical conversations are the starting point for finding out what it even means to think in terms of normal/abnormal and whether ‘happiness’ is really what we’re looking for.
Whoever is interested in finding out whether such a conversation would be beneficial, please contact me at nicole.nobyeni@
It is also possible to conduct these conversations through for instance Skype.
I also offer therapeutic sessions, based on working with art and ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy).